Why Would a Priest Become A Financial Coach? My Story.

First of all Beth and I were both in helping professions. If money had been our focus we would have chosen different careers. We were typical Americans. We always paid our bills but we always had bills to pay. We had very little in savings and were in essence living paycheck to paycheck. We both were worried about our financial future but we didn’t talk about it. Because Beth is better organized she ran our finances and I was basically clueless.

A friend taught Financial Peace University at our church and even though I did not want to, I attended the classes to support our friend. By the second video I was hooked. We pulled together as a team and saw our marriage strenghthend. We saw that it was possible to achieve financial freedom so we determined to follow the plan to the letter. It just seemed wise to take financial advice from a multi millionaire. As we followed the debt snowball we began to see light at the end of the tunnel. Finances began to be fun to talk about because we were seeing our dreams come into focus. After we paid off our debts we attacked the mortgage with a vengence and paid off our house. All the money that had gone to service debt we then put into savings and investments and in a few short years we were able to retire with dignity.  If some or all of that is your dream I want to help you get there. If a priest and a social worker can pull this off then you can too. 

How does this work? Three steps.

  1. First we get together for a consultation. This will help me to understand both your challenges and your goals and determine if I am the person to help you.
  2. Second we develop a customized plan that addresses both your challenges and your goals. We don’t just want to fight fires we want to dream about the future and make the dream come true
  3. Third since these plans typically have to be adjusted along the way I will walk with you for a few months until you see progress and are comfortable flying solo. We can either meet weekly or every other week depending on your need and your comfort level

How will this benefit you?

  1. It is a massive relief to have the burden of finances off of your back
  2. It adds joy and purpose to your life to dream about your future
  3. It simplifies your life to be free of debt and bills
  4. It strenghtens marriages and can change the family tree 

We can meet in person or do it all remotely. If I can help contact me at frkasch@gmail.com

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