Kicked Out of Bible Class

While attending Florida State University I minored in Religion. It was often a challenge because I was theologically orthodox and held a high view of Scripture as the inspired Word of God. To give you an idea of my professors’ theology, one of them said in class, “I wish I could believe in God but if I did it would be Bacchus because of my love of wine.” Sadly he was not an exception.

Thus when I read that a course on the Bible was being offered through the English Department I jumped at that chance, believing it would be less controversial with the Bible only being addressed as literature. To my delight on the first day of class the professor underscored that this was a literature class and not a theology class and no theological debate would be allowed. I was thrilled. I was going to get academic credit for reading the Bible and I would be free of the pressure to defend Holy Scripture as I frequently did in my religion classes.

Right from the beginning the professor violated his own rule. In Genesis he mocked the theology of creation and he went on to treat the stories in Genesis as if they were on the same plane as Greek mythology rather than a history of the Jewish people.

By the time we got to Exodus I had enough of his arrogant attitude and his clear goal to destroy the faith of anyone who was so naive as to believe that the Bible was Gods’ Word. So when we came to the parting of the Red Sea he mockingly said, “And of course we know that this was really the Reed Sea and not the Red Sea because the Reed Sea had only a few inches of water and would be easy to walk across.” I raised my hand and said, “The is fantastic because that makes it an even greater miracle.” “How so?” he replied. “Because that means that all of Pharaoh’s army, including the horses and chariots, were drowned in a few inches of water.” And that is how I got kicked out of a Bible Class.

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