Immigrants or Missionaries?


(4:100) He who emigrates in the way of Allah will find in the earth enough room for refuge and plentiful resources. And he who goes forth from his house as a migrant in the way of Allah and His Messenger, and whom death overtakes, his reward becomes incumbent on Allah. Surely Allah is All-Forgiving, All-Compassionate.131

  1. It should be understood clearly that it is only permissible for a person who believes in the true religion enjoined by God to live under the dominance of an un-Islamic system on one of the following conditions. First, that the believer struggles to put an end to the hegemony of the un-Islamic system and to have it replaced by the Islamic system of life, as the Prophets and their early followers had done. Second, that he lacks the means to get out of his homeland and thus stays there, but does so with utmost disinclination and unhappiness.


I found this verse from the Koran with this commentary. Two things stand out. First a Muslim who dies while immigrating to a non-Muslim country, for the cause of Allah and the Prophet, is as assured of Allah’s acceptance as a suicide bomber. Second the task of the Muslim immigrant is to end the hegemony of his host nation by replacing their religion with Islam. This would also involve replacing the laws of the host nation with Sharia.

When the mass immigrations were happening across Europe I wondered two things. First why are they not going to Muslim countries? Second, why are there so many young men? Perhaps in part it is because the aforementioned verse in the Koran.

I have read a number of calls for compassion toward Muslim immigrants and while I agree, we must be sure that they are truly immigrants who want to become Americans and not missionaries who want to undo our democracy and form a Muslim theocracy. I hope that our government can create a vetting process that will separate the honest immigrant from a fundamentalist who opposes the nation whose freedom he enjoys. While I fully support caring for the homeless and the oppressed, I certainly don’t want my tax dollars funding Muslim missionaries.

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