Episcopal Church Suspended

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If you are an impatient person it can be a challenge being an Anglican. Our Church moves at a glacial speed. The good news is that the Primates upheld the biblical teaching on marriage and suspended the Episcopal Church from participation in the Anglican Communion for its unilateral revision of church doctrine. What is unclear is if there is anything else that the Episcopal Church will be called to do other than wait out the three year suspension. It is also not clear why the Anglican Church of Canada did not receive an equal suspension for the same reasons.

The other good news, particularly for us in the Anglican Church in North America, is that our Primate, Archbishop Foley Beach participated in the Primate’s Meetings and the GAFCON Primates spoke of him in their statement. This places ACNA squarely in the traditional wing of the Anglican Communion, which by the way, comprises the vast majority of our world wide members.

While I might want to see things move along to a faster conclusion I must remember that these are godly men, for whom literally millions are praying, and who are Spirit led. Things may become more clear by the end of their gathering. Or maybe not. I once opined to Bishop Ackerman about things being so messy in the Church and he said to me, “Ray why do you think that we are so important that things must be cleared up in our lifetime.” Ouch, but he was so right. In the end Jesus is still on the throne and the kingdom is not in trouble. Peace, out.

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