Holy Water

Holy Water

I received an email from a newcomer asking about the use of holy water. This was my reply.The use of holy water causes us to reflect back on how water appears in so many redemptive ways by God in the Bible, He divided the waters at creation, He purged the world of wickedness with the flood, He saved Moses’ life through the waters of the Nile, He brought the children of Israel through the waters out of Egypt, He caused water to come out of the rock in the wilderness, He healed the leper who bathed in the waters, He brought rain when the prophet prayed. People were called to repentance with the baptism of John. Of course for us as Christians the most important waters are the waters of baptism. This is what you see people connecting to when they enter and leave the Nave and dip their fingers in the font. They are reminding themselves of the privileges and the responsibilities of their baptism. How do we make holy water? We boil the hell out of it. (Sorry old church joke). There are prayers to consecrate the water that have come down through the centuries. There are longer ones that I use but the brief one I often use is “May this water be blessed by Him from whose side flowed both blood and water. Amen.”

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