Stump the Rector : On Prayer

Kelli writes
Could you please explain the difference between prayers, supplication and petitions?
Unrelated-during one sermon you showed us 5 things to pray for on your hand, with us being the pinkie. Could you repeat that?

Supplication and petitions are synonymous and they are one of the many types of prayer available to us. A simple way to remember different forms of prayers is ACTS

A – Adoration. This is where we worship or bless God for who He is. The first line of the Lord’s Prayer is adoration.
C – Confession. This is where we admit our sins to God and ask not only for forgiveness but the power to amend our lives. Psalm 51 is a classic.
T – This is where we give thanks to God for His love and care and for answered prayer. Jesus tells of healing 10 lepers and only one returns to say “Thank you”. We tend to overlook this form of prayer but we should work to be the one who returned.
S – Supplication. This is where we make requests or petition God on behalf of others and for ourselves.

In teaching children to pray you can use your fingers as a guide. Thumb – This is the finger closest to you so you pray for family and friends. Index – Here you pray for teachers and priests and all who are pointing the way. Middle – The tallest finger so you pray for the government, courts, police and all in authority. Ring – The weakest finger so you pray for the sick and those in any kind of need or trouble. Pinky – this is where you pray for your own needs.

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