Reflections on the Lessons of the One Year Bible

2 Samuel 9:-12
prodigal son sculpture

The story of David and Mephibosheth is the story of the Gospel. David’s closest friend, Jonathan, had been killed in battle along with his father King Saul. Even though Saul had sought David’s life, David mourned both of their deaths. One day David asks if there is anyone left of the house of Saul that he may show them kindness. A servant tells him of Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth, who was crippled as an infant. When Mephibosheth received news that David wanted to see him, he naturally feared the worse. It would have been logical to assume that David was seeking revenge against Saul by killing his grandson. But nothing could be further from the truth. Because of his love for Jonathan, David wanted to show kindness to Jonathan’s offspring. Instead of vengeance, Mephibosheth received mercy, treated as family and was given a permanent seat at the king’s table.

Like David, our heavenly Father seeks us out to show us kindness. And like Mephibosheth, we are spiritually crippled and cannot come to God on our own. Because of our rebellion against God we naturally assume that He means to do us harm when He calls for us. But grace brings us to Him and at this point we would be overjoyed if He treated us as a servant rather than as an enemy. To our amazement, His intent is to offer us mercy, adopt us as His own and give us a permanent seat at the King’s table. No wonder we call it Amazing Grace.

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