Stump the Rector: Questions and Queries

Could you please explain the crest for the Anglican Dioceses of the South. Specifically what each symbol is and what it represent.  Craig SniderADOTS Glossy Logor

Because they are symbols, they are open to a variety of interpretations. While I was in discussion with the ones who created the seal, I was not privy to all of their thoughts, so I can only offer my interpretations.

The first quadrant is an open Bible with Alpha and Omega and a descending dove. The descending dove indicates that we believe the Bible to be the divinely inspired word of God (2 Tim 3:16). The Book of Revelation tells us that Jesus is the Alpha and Omega.

The second quadrant contains 3 crosses. This is a symbol of the Holy Trinity thus declaring us a people steeped in Trinitarian faith.

The third quadrant is a chalice with the Greek letters Chi and Rho. The chalice is a symbol of the Sacrament of Holy Communion, which is our primary act of worship as Anglicans. The Chi Rho is called a christogram and are the first two letter for the word “Christ” in Greek.

The last quadrant is a palm branch. It has two important meanings. First it is a symbol of worship, as when the people wave palm branches before Jesus at his triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Mark 11:1-11). Second the palm branch is a sign of victory over death and salvation. We can see this in Revelation 7:9 when the multitudes gather to worship the Lamb and cry out “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the thrones and to the Lamb.”

When the logo was being created I thought that it lacked the traditional look of typical seals which also typically contained a mitre and keys. The mitre, which was usually on top of the seal, stood for the authority of bishops and therefore apostolic succession. The keys symbolized the power given by Christ to the Church to bind and to loose (Mt 18:18). I was told that it would make the seal/logo look to busy but I think we missed a chance to symbolically connect our future with the past.


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