Rants and Ruminations

Lies, lies and moe lies. That is what we are getting from our government and that is not a political statement it is a moral statement. There was a deliciously sarcastic editorial in the Washington Times entitled Sequestration: The end of life ad we know it. The writer pointed out that instead of all the drastic cuts the gov’t and media has been warning about, it is in reality the fact that the 2013 budget is being limited to a $15 billion INCREASE. The uninformed public who drink the gov’t and media cool aid will never know this fact. What our parish could do for good if it was limited to a $15 billion INCREASE!

Caesar warns the end is coming, some said children will die and one of our leaders even predicted that we will lose 30 million more jobs than we currently have in the country. I guess this means that Canada is also at risk

When will the lies end? When we demand a moral government and hold them accountable when they lie to us. Over 40% of our population pays no taxes but the government tells them that they have a right to take from those of us who do. Certainly there are many who genuinely need our help but there is also a plethora who need to hear from St Paul. “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” It is not love to enable someone who is able but will not work, to live off of others. It is a sin for the government to tell them that they deserve what others have. This is institutional covetousness.

There will be serious repercussions for our government to continue to lie to us. If God remains consistent with His acts in history, it will not go well with the deceivers. As Christians we need to know the truth and walk in the truth and remember to not trust in princes but only in the Lord our God. Ps 146.

3 thoughts on “Rants and Ruminations

  1. Father Ray for President. When can i expect you to announce. Well said, well said indeed. I wish more people would take the time to find out what is going on, instead of listing to the talking heads to get their political knowledge.

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