Rants and Ruminations: Gun Control

On the Today Show a group of professionals ( a lawyer, an ad guy and a doctor…walk into a bar…not that is what they really are) were commenting on the words of a sheriff who recently asked people to get trained and get a gun to defend their homes. When seconds count, the police are minutes away, so we should be prepared to defend ourselves. All three were scandalized and said he was irresponsible to make such comments and the lawyers said, “That’s all we need is more guns on the streets.” Three professional, intelligent people being driven by their emotions rather than by reason and they are typical of why dialogue is so difficult today. What was so irresponsible in what the sheriff said? He was accurate. With budget cuts we have less police. We have a Second Amendment right to own guns. We have a moral obligation to protect our families. He called on people to be trained. The citizens of Switzerland are armed and trained and they have a much lower crime rate than England and Australia where the citizenry has been disarmed…so it works. He was calling on citizens to help him fight crime and instead of seeing law abiding citizens employing their rights, all these professionals saw was vigilantism and guns flooding our streets. I don’t believe for a minute that folks like this truly want dialogue. Their emotions are already made up and they are not interested in the facts. Not only do they not want to own guns, they want to be sure no one else can own one either. And even though the facts don’t support it, they think this will keep us more safe. It is this kind of misguided thinking (or not thinking) that is controlling our nation and I fear to think where it will take us. Thank the Lord it could never happen here………….

1 thought on “Rants and Ruminations: Gun Control

  1. The citizens of Switzerland are the “militia” in that country. One of the first problems we need to address is to re-write that second amendment to say what we want it to say. – rather than to allow the Supreme Court to interpret a very outdated statement. In 2008, a conservative court decided to change previous decisions regarding “a well regulated militia” to say the amendment referred to all citizens (or something like that) having the right to own guns. Maybe the citizens should have that right, but it needs to be granted by legislation, not court decision – in other words, by changing that ridiculously outdated document to say what should be said in the 21st century. We are using a document written in the 1700’s to fuel the debate about guns which are certainly not the guns of that era. We will never resolve this issue in this way

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